Gold Souk

A trip to Dubai isn't complete without a trip to the famous Gold Souk, one of the oldest and most fascinating traditional markets in the emirate.

Whether you’re just browsing or genuinely on the hunt for even the slightest amount of precious gold, walk through the glittering Gold Souk and you’ll find the biggest selection of gold jewellery and gemstones crafted in a variety of carats.

Long lines of market stalls showcase a gleaming myriad of authentic and eye-catching products – you never know when you’ll spot something just for you or a loved one.
All merchandise is carefully regulated by the Dubai government to ensure the authenticity and its quality. You can be sure your purchases will be genuine. In addition to gold, careful inspection of the wares on offer may see you uncover diamond-encrusted ornaments, strings of pearls, platinum and silver.

Retailers are more than up to the match with haggling. But be fair with your price – there are lots of bargains to find.

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